Everything Requires a Process

For a tree to bear fruits it must have first been planted as a small seed in the ground that germinates into a small tree that grows into a big tree and then starts bearing fruits.

A child is formed with the sperm of the father that fertilizes the egg of the mother forming the embryo that develops into a fetus that is later delivered as baby after nine months.

The baby starts by sucking the mother’s breasts, later takes milk, with time foods like pap, Golden Mourn and solid foods like rice etc. , he begins to crawl before he starts walking and then running.
Many people want to come into millions within the very first month or year they start their business. Some don’t even want to work but want to become millionaires through magic and fraudulent practices.

Even Jesus’ mission on earth was not carried out without following due-process.

In Matthew 3:13-14, “Then Jesus went from Galilee to the Jordan river to be baptized by John. But John tried to talk him out of it. “I am the one who needs to be baptized by you,” he said,

“So why are you coming to me?”

By right, John was speaking the truth, he knew that Jesus is the Messiah and that Jesus is from God, therefore Jesus should not be baptized by him, rather Jesus should be the one to baptize him, John.

But Jesus could have jumped down from heaven in the first place, didn’t he have the power? But God only permits due-process!

Because God likes order, He allows everything to follow a process and thus made Jesus to come in form of man as little child that was given birth to by a woman through a normal natural process except that the mother was a virgin!

Even when Jesus Christ had been born, though He is aware of his power and that he is from God he still ensures that he followed the due process by allowing himself to be baptized by John.

“But Jesus said, “It should be done, for we must carry out all that God requires (due process)” So John agreed to baptize him”(Yes after fulfilling all the required due process) Matthew 3:15

Due process that is what Jesus is talking about there. Don’t jump the queue, follow due process and you will get that thing you are looking for.

Be patient, follow the requirements, don’t jump the process, the end is not always good when you jump the process.

Imagine, if Jesus Christ who is Lord, who came from heaven could allow John to baptize him so that we can learn the importance of following due- diligence, who are we mere people not to follow due-diligence?

When you have done all that is required of you, you will definitely get what you desire.

In Matthew 3:16-17, the bible says, “After his baptism, as Jesus came up out of the water, the heavens were opened and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and settling on him. And a voice from heaven said, “This is my dearly loved son, who brings me great joy” (NLT)

Wow, God was pleased with Jesus for following due-diligence, He said, “my dearly loved son, who brings me great joy”

God was satisfied with Jesus’ behavior and composure, imagine you having the kind of power that Jesus has, the tendency of becoming arrogant is there, you may not allow John to touch you. Not to talk of washing the legs of people, like Jesus did. Part of the due process, is "your humility", ability to humble yourself before other people.

So when you have done what you should you will reap the result of what you have done.

When you write and pass an examination you move to the next level.

I implore you to from today start doing the right thing and God will open doors for your miracle in Jesus name, amen

Notice: Unless otherwise indicated, all scripture quotation is taken from the Holy Bible, New Living Translation.

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