Curse and Punishment For the Proud and Arrogant

Believe it or not there is reward for being arrogant and proud. The Lord says to Edom, “I will cut you down to size among the nations; you will be greatly despised. You have been deceived by your own pride because you live in a rock fortress and make your home high in the mountains. ‘Who can ever reach us way up here?’ you ask boastfully” Obadiah 2 (NLT)

So many people are often too proud because of their material possession, position and influence that they see themselves as extra-ordinary people and become very boastful. They say they are untouchable, they are invincible, and they in fact almost compare themselves to God Almighty in their boastful and arrogance pride!

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They forget that there is a creator who made the heavens and earth and everything that is in it including them and those who have placed them in that position where they feel they are now infallible.

Some people out of the pride become very wicked to people particularly their close ones, their relatives and family members. Obadiah 10 says, “Because of the violence you did to your close relatives in Israel (your family members), you will be filled with shame and destroyed forever”

You hate your own blood brother such that you refuse to neither show him mercy nor render him help when he is in need of your help. “When they were invaded you stood aloof, refusing to help them. Foreign invaders carried off their wealth and cast lots to divide up Jerusalem, but you acted like one of Israel’s enemies” Obadiah 11

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You rejoice at the fall of your brother, instead of having pity on him when he lost his job, you laughed at his downfall.

“You should not have gloated when they exiled your relatives to distant lands. You should not have rejoiced when the people of Judah suffered such misfortune. You should not have spoken arrogantly in that terrible time of trouble. You should not have plundered the land of Israel when they were suffering such calamity. You should not have gloated over their wealth when they were suffering such calamity. You should not have stood at the crossroads, killing those who tried to escape. You should not have captured the survivors and handed over in their terrible time of trouble” Obadiah 12-13

The word of God says, “But even if you soared as high as eagles and built your nest among the stars, I would bring you crushing down, “says the Lord. Obadiah 4

The punishment for the proud is disastrous, the word of God says the punishment for the proud is total, He says, “If thieves came at night and robbed you (what a disaster awaits you!), they would not take everything. Those who harvest grapes always leave a few for the poor. But your enemies will wipe you out completely! All you allies will turn against you. They will promise you peace while plotting to deceive and destroy you. Your trusted friends will set traps for you, and you won’t even know about it” Obadiah 5, 7

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So when you are proud and arrogant and refuse to give God honor for all He’s done for you, the reward is great punishment. Some people are punished so that they can recover, but the punishment for pride is eternal.

If you have had the privilege of reading about the fall of Lucifer, you will understand better what I am talking about. Because of pride Lucifer lose his eternal glory with God. He was chased away from heaven where he headed the choir of angels to a very low position on earth.

So be careful, pride is dangerous. I pray that God will give you understanding of His words so that you will not fall prey of pride.

Praise God.

Note: All quotes are from the New Living Translation of the Holy Bible except otherwise state.

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