Sister Linda's Testimony: Message For Nigerian Pastors

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DeeperLife Bible Church: Pastor Kumuyi: “He is my servant, he is preaching my word but tell pastor Kumuyi to take a tour and go round the whole world where his churches are and tell his people to go out and show lone to one another (to other churches).

He said tell the truth (because Deeperlife Church people have the truth) I gave you to the people outside your church; tell them the whole truth and the standard of the hard truth in Deeperlife worldwide as Christians.

Some Deeperlife people are going to hell now, some of them are compromising the truth, some deeperlife people around the world and other churches are not Deeperlife anymore, so Pastor Kumuyi should go round.

He said, tell Deeperlife to pray for God’s revival in Deeper life so that their standard and members will come back to God.

He said, “Kumuyi, listen to my warnings, I will use whoever I want to use, listen because I sent Linda to you”.

Deeperlife should pray for revival in their lives.

Message for Redeem Church of God (Redeem is Heading For Hell)

“Listen to my warnings Redeem Christina Church”, they are compromising my word and deviated from the whole truth, tell E.A Adeboye to preach my message I gave him because they are heading to hell.

“They are on their own; they are not preaching the word I gave them. Tell Oyedepo to go back to the message I gave him and stop preaching what the people like to hear and for his own selfish material things. Tell him he knows the whole truth of my word, now he is going his own way with my people, they are heading to hell, stop, one more grace”

Johnson Suleiman- Omega Fire Ministry

“Johnson Suleiman is preaching the truth on the surface that is not preaching all the things that God wants the people to hear. He is not preaching the whole truth of the holy word, tell him to tell the church to be holy and stop compromising my word, the mother of harlots is in your church, take her out”

Tell him that, without holiness, no man can see me, listen to my warnings Suleiman.

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