Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, PhD

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is the Senior Pastor and Founder of the Christ Embassy Church also known as The Believers Love World (BLW). The church has its headquarters in Oregun, Lagos where Pastor Chris pastors over 30,000 members.

Chris Oyakhilome has been a pastor, teacher, healing minister, television host and best-selling author for more than 30 years.

In 2015, Oyakhilome was given an honorary doctorate from Ambrose Alli University, and Benson Idahosa University

According to his official Biography, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was born on December 7, 1961. He is the eldest son of the Family of T. Oyakhilome. 

He holds massive teaching and healing crusades with crowds which have numbered over 3.5 million in a single night’s event.

His television ministry, Love World satellite television extends throughout the world with several Networks from South Africa, Nigeria, United Kingdom and United States of America.
He is the host of “Atmosphere for Miracles”, founder of the Healing School where many people have received healing and deliverance from various ailments.

Pastor Chris and his wife, Pastor Anita co-authors the Rhapsody of Realities a daily devotional used in most homes in Nigeria and abroad.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome family started with his marriage in 1991 to the head of UK agency and fore-runner Rev Anita Ebhodaghe.

Pastor Chris and Pastor Anita Ebhodaghe have two children Sharon and Charlane. After 25 years of marriage, Anita Ebodaghe filed for divorce on April 9, 2014 at the Central Family Court in London. They divorced in February 2016. After the separation, they also decided to share custody of their two children
Chris runs a global prayer network using social network platforms to send messages to his followers regularly. He has over 1 million followers on Twitter and over 1.2 million friends on yookoos.


Some Christians have frowned to some of Pastor Chris’ teachings including his permitting people to smoke and drink alcohol unlike and his public declaration that masturbation is not a sin against God.

An instance is quoted where a viewer of his Television program wrote to Pastor Chris to enquire if it was wrong for a Christian to work in a cigarette producing company, Pastor Chris responded that,

“There is nothing wrong with cigarette; the Bible doesn’t say anything was wrong with it… I know a lot of people do complain about it because of the relationship attached to it with some sicknesses like cancer…but if they really believe it is wrong, why not ban it totally?

The pastor also added that, “It is the same thing when you have Christians working in the breweries. The Bible doesn’t condemn alcohol. The only reference made to alcohol in the Bible is ‘do not take too much of wine’. So you see, these things have to do with the individual state…if they are convinced something is not good, they should just ban it…”

On issue of masturbation, Pastor Chris says, the persons who hide to use their hands to stimulate their genitals for sexual pleasure in an act known as masturbation or solo-sex, may now stop hiding and rather be proud of what they do because masturbation is a normal habit that is not a sin against God.

Some Great Quotes By Pastor Chris

“Communion refers to a partnership communication, a fellowship with the Holy Spirit. It means talking to the Holy Spirit and listening to Him talk to you” Chris Oyahkilome, PhD

“Prayer is primarily our communication with the Lord” Chris Oyakhilome, PhD

“Every moment of prayer is an investment in eternity and true prayer is a romance of righteousness” Chris Oyakhilome

“Thus, in prayer of faith, it’s highly imperative that you have a clear and specific desire in your heart. You just can’t be vague in your communication” Chris Oyakhilome, PhD

"Specificity is an essential principle if you must get effective results through the prayer of faith” Chris Oyakhilome

“The extent of your vision is the boundary of your blessing!” Chris Oyakhilome

“When you’re so convinced that something is yours, even if you don’t see it with your physical eyes, it’s absolutely impossible for the devil or anyone to talk you out of it, because you’ve already possessed it by your faith, using the power of your thought” Chris Oyakhilome, PhD

“Strong faith is the antidote for doubt in your heart” Chris Oyakhilome

“The more you put your faith to work, the stronger it becomes. If your faith is weak, it indicates there’s doubt in your heart; and such weak faith is the result of not exercising your faith” Chris Oyakhilome

“Words are powerful; they are the vehicles of your thoughts. They can affect your body, circumstances, and your entire life. What’s more, your utterances as a child of God aren’t mere words; they’re inspired truths based on God’s eternal word” Chris Oyakhilome, PhD

“You can make far-reaching impact in your world and turn circumstances around in just a few minutes through the prayer of petition” Chris Oyakhilome, PhD

“When you make requests to the Father in Jesus Name, you’re actually functioning in Jesus’ stead. It’s as though Jesus were the one making that request” Chris Oyakhilome

“The Father doesn’t need anyone to plead with Him before He does something for you or grants your request. He loves you unconditionally! And all He wants is for you to ask according to His will-in the Name of Jesus- and it’s yours. His will for asking therefore is in the Name of Jesus” Chris Oyakhilome

“An earnest prayer is specific in purpose, filled with zeal and fervency, and marked by a deep feeling of conviction” Chris Oyakhilome, PhD

“Since we live in an age where everything happens fast, we allow the jet-age syndrome sap the vitality that our prayers should convey. We have fast food, fast cars, fast airplanes, fast computers… everything moves fast, and we want God to move at our pace. We just want to push some buttons and expect a quick response; but it doesn’t work that way” Chris Oyakhilome, PhD

“Petition prayer is required in situations beyond your personal control-circumstances dictated or influenced by forces beyond you” Chris Oyakhilome

“When you pray the prayer of petition, always make certain that you present your case in a compelling way, such that it can’t be denied. And refuse to quit until you get that note of victory” Chris Oyakhilome

“The prayer of petition is rendered with tenacity and strong purpose. You don’t take “no” for an answer! If you don’t get a note of victory the first time you pray, it only means “Case Adjourned!” You can go back again to pray about it, just like a plaintiff goes to higher court to appeal an unsatisfactory decision. Your prayer closet becomes a courtroom where you plead your case. And when you know you’ve gotten what you wanted, nothing in the world can take it from you” Chris Oyakhilome

“Many Christians often make the mistake of stopping at the prophecy instead of using the prophetic word to continue in prayer. Too many times, people have their desire just within reach and somehow still don’t get it. This is the someone may have the contract he bid for approved, without ever getting the approved letter” Chris Oyakhilome

Contact Pastor Chris
“Recognize that it’s your priestly responsibility to intercede for others, and it’s always a blessing to function in that office” Chris Oyakhilome
LoveWorld Conference Center
Kudirat Abiola Way,
Oregun, Ikeja, Lagos
P.O.BOX 13563 Ikeja, Lagos
Tel: +234-8023324188, +2348052464131, +234-1-8925724

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