Hey Stop! Don’t Revenge!!

Vengeance is mine, says the Lord.

Many of us like to take revenge on someone or people who have offended us or someone or people who hurts us one way or the other, but God says we should not revenge that He will avenge for us.

I won’t even try to behave like a hypocrite in this discourse because there are many times I have truly desperately wanted to avenge what someone or some people did to me. Some things done to us can be very hurtful that we want to take revenge by all means.

Revenge can come in different ways. It is something you do in order to punish someone who has harmed or offended you.

If for instance someone slaps you, revenging doesn’t necessarily mean slapping the person back or using the police to arrest the person who slapped you. Revenging can come by your decision never to talk to such a person again. This slapper may not have the emotional stance to keep malice, he/she may still wish to be your friend even after slapping you or doing something terrible to you but you can live with it, never even saying a “hello” to such persons again, that is revenge.

Why? Because you hurt the person’s emotion by keeping malice with him/her, though he hurts you physically by slapping you, you hurt him emotionally by keeping malice.

Like I said earlier when someone cheats you, the first thing that comes to your mind is “revenge”. Many times you want to revenge not just because of the pain but because you don’t want people to see your embarrassment, you want to do something that will take focus away from your embarrassment.

For instance if someone slap you in public you want to revenge so that people will not see that you were slapped and you couldn’t do anything, or you don’t want them to think you are afraid or even guilty.

A guy packed newly to my house, he is younger than me in fact he wasn’t married when he came to the house. After a while when he packed into the house, I noticed that water was no longer flowing into my apartment regardless of how long it takes to pump water. I later discovered that the new guy whose apartment was upstairs and had access to reservoir had switch off the control running water into my apartment.

I discovered this after several weeks when I had to bring in a plumber to find out why I wasn’t getting water in my apartment. The plumber opened the control, but after a day or two, we stopped having water again, I discovered each time we pumped water, this neighbor of mine climbs on the building and locks my water off. I eventually asked the plumber to remove the control after fifth time he climbed the building to open the control. Then I confronted this neighbor, telling him to stop tampering with my water. To my shock the next day he was in my house with seven policemen to arrest me. Don’t forget that apart from paying the plumber each time he came I was also buying water all those weeks he cuts us off.

He didn’t just even call the police to arrest me for the issue we had about the water, the police came with warrant to search my house for illegal contents. Remember I have a wife and child in the house, so you can imagine how annoying and embarrassing this could be.

After enlightening the police about the truth of behind the whole thing, I came back to the house after some hours thinking of how to take my revenge, and thousands of things I could do to hurt him went through my head.

But you know what? I left it to God, even though I was sure that he couldn’t have stand me if I had decided to start making trouble with him whether by using the law enforcement or by fighting him physically by myself.

The rest of that story will be told someday!


If you take revenge by yourself you may end up getting more blames. But when God revenges for you, it will baffle even your offender.

Matthew 5: 38-39 says, “You have heard the law that says the punishment must match the injury: ‘An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.’ But I say, do not resist an evil person! If someone slaps you on the right cheek, offer the other cheek also” (NLT)

Jesus says; do not resist the person, meaning you should not stop that person. Allow him or her. I think this is necessary for you to have as many witnesses as possible.

When you don’t stop them, when you refuse to fight back, then you allow God to intervene on your behalf.

This can be applied in the office, at home and everywhere. For instance in an office where you have an oppressing boss; don’t get angry at him for the way he oppresses you, allow him, that is what the bible says, (but never allow any sexual harassing boss, report such bosses to superior officers). When you respect your boss in spite of his oppression, he will either repent and apologize to you, or he would be shown the way out when God avenges on your behalf!

Think twice before you take revenge, the effect might just be more than what was done to you and you could get into more serious problems.

Stay out of trouble today!

God bless you!

Notice: Unless otherwise indicated, all scripture quotation are taken from the Holy Bible, New Living Translation

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