Unleashing favor

Written By Charles Oluyori

Galatians 3:26-29: "For you are all children of God through faith in Christ Jesus. And all who have been united with Christ in baptism have put on the character of Christ, like putting on new clothes. There is no longer Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male or female. For you are all one in Christ Jesus. And now that you belong to Christ, you are true children of Abraham. You are heirs, and God's promise to Abraham belongs to you"

Who is a child or Abraham? Mathematically or logically, if I want to understand Abraham's children or what Abraham's child is like, I naturally need to study about Abraham's life. I think it is wise to study the natural children of Abraham, I am his spiritual child, but both is natural children and me that is a spiritual child are the same. So when I understand how the natural children of Abraham operated, it gives me a clue as to how Abraham's children should be, that's why it is important for you to study Abraham's life and go further to study Isaac's life and Jacob's life because therein lies your destiny. Therein is your manifestation, therein is your fate.

We see in Genesis 27 that Abraham handed over the blessing to Isaac his begotten son in the order of Christ and Isaac was to transfer the potential of the seed to Esau but Esau had sold his birthright, so the day he was to collect it, it did not work out, and out of destiny Isaac transferred the blessing to Jacob.

Looking at the blessing passed to Jacob, we can find the mystery of favor which belongs to the seed of Abraham which you can lay claim to from today, and you have to fight for it, you have to be convinced that the seed of Abraham after the order of Jacob is for you too, and that whatever blessing is on Jacob is also on your destiny.

I will illustrate that for you to understand better, read Genesis 27:22-24, "So Jacob went closer to his father, and Isaac touched him. "The voice is Jacob's but the hands are Esau's," Isaac said. But he did not recognize Jacob, because Jacob's hands felt hairy just like Esau's. So Isaac prepared to bless Jacob. "But are you really my son Esau? He asked. "Yes I am", Jacob replied."

Isaac asked the son to bring him the food he prepared for him; he ate and drank, then asked Jacob to come close to him so he could bless him. And he smelled him and blessed him saying, "Ah! The smell of my son is like the smell of the outdoors, which the Lord has blessed!"

That is favor, a new smell because what oozes out of you to people determines their response to you. What they perceive, for instance if someone comes to a church for the first time doesn't mean the person will remain a member of that church. Their stay in the church will be as a result of what they see, perceive and conclude; that is what will determine whether they will stay or not, the same applies to business.

So Abraham blessed Jacob saying, "Ah! The smell of my son is like the smell of the outdoors, which the Lord has blessed!"

I pray that smell will ooze out of you this year in the name of Jesus Christ.

Let's look at it naturally, anyone that stinks, do you get close? Do you respond to them? Just look at it naturally; you will understand what this favor means: when somebody with mouth odor greets you, the smell turns you off; you want to move away from them.

May money not move away from you, may opportunities not move away from you! The truth is that you are not comfortable when something close to you is irritating. That is how favor works. When there is a curse or disfavor around the family or in the person, they never attract good business; the only people they attract are people like them.

The man with body odor or mouth odor doesn't have a problem when he is with another with body odor. They won't perceive the smell because they both stink

When you are disfavored, you will be doing things but with no great results. You will be attracting what will not make a difference, people won't come near you; they will never come near.

Abraham said, "See the smell of my son is like the smell of an open field that the Lord has blessed"

Ah! What a smell. Now look at the effect of the smell in Genesis 27:28-29, "From the dew of heaven and the richness of the earth, may God always give you abundant harvests of grain and bountiful new wine. May many nations become your servants, and may they bow down to you. May you be master over your brothers, and may your mother's sons bow down to you. All who curse you will be cursed, and all who bless you will be blessed"

Yes they have because you have a smell that attracts them, they want to do things for you, they want to buy your products, they want to listen to your music, they want to do business with your bank, do business with your chambers, they want to do something with you.

Jacob literally swallowed the blessing of Abraham that day, so if I am Abraham's child, that is my destiny. I have a new smell.

If you are reading this and you are saved, you are not cursed, you are blessed, you are not disfavored, and you are already favored. What you need now is to enforce it. Don't let Satan convince you otherwise that you don't have favor; that you don't have a future- no, if you have put on Christ, then you are now Abraham's child, and if you are now child you are now like Jacob, you have a new smell and then you can begin to pray those prayers over your life.

Say this, "Let the fatness of the earth be my potion. I have plenty of grains and wine, people serve me, nations surrender to me"

Some of you will develop products that nations will buy, in Jesus name. It's not every product that enters our nation that we like!

When somebody goes outside a continent and imports a product to another nation and they like it that is breakthrough. If they don't like it, that's almost like a waste. And many have lost money like that, that means that nations have not surrendered to you.

When nations bow down to you, they bow down to your talents, they bow down to you gifts, they call for it. All these things are functions of divine favor, it opens doors of nations; the hearts of people.

Isaac blessed Jacob saying, "Let people serve you- you can't force people to serve you! Let people serve you, that is favor before them, they are willing to do anything to please you, they just want to serve you, it's a function of the smell, it's not that you force people to do things, no they want to serve you because they love you, they believe in you, their hearts are open.


"Father, I am Abraham's child, let this smell, smell this year. Let it ooze out on a higher frequency; let the fatness of the earth come. Let me attract new opportunities; let it be like a year I have never seen in my life before. Let resources come from unexpected sources, let people serve, let them respond to my talents, respond to my gifts, respond to my destiny."

You see; when they respond here, respond there, that's what is called overflow! Multiple sources of income from nations, kingdoms such that while you are still trying to spend one, another one has filled it again, and before you know what's happening, your spending cannot meet up with the infilling and then you have overflow; only favor can do that.


Ask God for favor in all the aspect of your life. Ask God for favor, a Jacob-kind of favor.

"I am blessed with fragrance, I am blessed, businesses are coming from every side, I experience the fatness of the earth. I experience the overflowing dimension of the blessing. I am blessed"

This year there will be a major difference, a major difference in your business in the name of Jesus Christ. God Almighty will sustain you with corn and wine.

He said, "I have plenty of grain and wine, plenty!" he said, "The smell of my son is like the smell of a field that the Lord has blessed". Your field smells like the smell of a field that the Lord has blessed.

If you are not save and you are reading this message, it's a new day for you, destiny called you, it's not religion, it's new dawn for you.

Please say this confession: Father, I love you, I return home, I know I have been living in sin. I ask you to wash me clean by your precious blood, cleanse me today. Come in to my heart; come in today, come in to stay. I confess you as the Lord and savior. You are the savior of my soul; you are the Lord of my heart. I renounce Satan, I renounce the work of darkness, I am now a child of light, I will serve God, my destiny is redeemed; I will fulfill destiny. I am now a covenant child; I am now Abraham's seed. I have a new smell. Destiny will be fulfilled, thank you Lord, Amen!

I thank YOU for a new beginning. Satan all your investments in whatsoever form, I command it broken into pieces in the name of Jesus. They are rescued from darkness into God’s marvelous light. Holy Spirit begins to work in their lives that cannot be stopped. They will not return to their vomit, they will stand to the end. They will fulfill destiny in grand style. Thank you father, in Jesus mighty name.

LORD I thank you for this understanding of our smell as covenant people, we are not stinking people- no! spiritually we are blessed, Lord if there's anyone reading this message that has been destiny delayed or distorted or disturbed by a foreign smell or by generational negative smell, because your salvation overrides everything, I command those negative smells to cease in the name of Jesus Christ. I minister the Jacob order of smell, a new fragrance that cause people to experience favor, receive it in Jesus name.

Nations will bow to you; opportunities will be opened to you in the name of Jesus Christ. God's favor takes over your lives in Jesus name. It will cause you to come to tears of joy, it will overwhelm you this year in Jesus name.

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