The Keys to Business and Career Breakthrough

Written By Charles Oluyori

Life is a function of personal adventure, the wiser you are, the better you live. Greatness is a function of wisdom"

Any organization that will be great has to take responsibility by itself. The greatness of any organization is not going to come from outside it; it's going to come from within it. The global impact mandate- the greatness mandate will not be achieved through any outside ministry, no one will help us to achieve it, we have to take responsibility by ourselves if we must realize the global impact mandate.

That's why I believe that God is calling us to impact and to impart men and women in the church for the global impact effect and I want everyone to take it serious. But what I must say is this, "the duty of a lecturer is to ensure that he lectures his students, but who will succeed in the class is not the lecturer's responsibility but that of the students".

That reminds me of when I was in the university, we had ugly people, handsome people, beautiful people and all sorts, but after several years now in the real world, the ones we hear of are those we lest expected. I am sure you might have experienced a thing like that too, not all those you thought will make it, truly made it.

So you see I can't tell who will eventually emerge even as I am teaching, but my duty is to impact, my duty is to bless, my duty is to teach, but I pray that you will chose yourself as a candidate for greatness; it's not by your looks, it's by your heart. It's how much you can receive in your heart that determines how much you emerge.

To build a great organization you need a lot of money, I discover that money is neither good nor bad; it depends on who is handling it!

Money in the hands of terrorists will not be used in building churches. Money in the hands of terrorists will be used for terrorism; it won't be used for churches, money in the hands of drug lords won't be used for building churches, it will be used for drug trafficking!

So if you must expect the body of Christ to make impact, then money must go into the hands of covenant people, if covenant people covenant ideals must be propagated. We can't expect the terrorist guy that is making money to come and help propagate the ministry of God. You can't expect a drug lord that pushes drug to use his money to build a city for God's kingdom. And if God's kingdom must be built on a large scale on an unusual scale, that means covenant people (people like Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob) must have the vault to create covenant impact.

For instance in Mexico, there is a serious battle against drug lords, they kill themselves almost every day, you can hardly differentiate between a drug lord and a policeman, because the drug lords have infiltrated the police. They have corrupted the police with money such that policemen are their informants. That's how powerful money is.

So I discovered that money in the hands of wrong people will disturb us, whether you like it or not! But we can't stop the wrong guys from making money, but believe me you will be terrorized and oppressed if you don't make your own money. You will just be a spectator; you will only be talking and making noise if you don't have your own money.

That's why I believe I believe that amongst all the packages of covenant; wealth is a major portion. For instance, Abraham had money, very rich, regardless of what the people had, he also had his own, so you can't oppress him, you can't put him down, and you can't disgrace him. Look at Solomon, look at David, they were empowered, they were blessed. Without money and wealth you can't have a say!

Money in the hands of covenant people will enhance covenant ideals and money doesn't fall down from heaven, money is transferred through the labor of your hands, you can't just wake up and say you found 2 million naira in your backyard, it can't be real money- maybe it will be ritual money, by the way, is ritual money truly ritual money!

The principal way by which God blesses people in his kingdom is through the labor of their hands.

I heard someone's testimony sometimes ago, a Christian, he was initially not a born-again, but he gave his life to Christ. He attends a church somewhere here in Lagos. After meeting with God, He transformed his life.

Some businessmen came from South Africa for some telecoms business deals in Nigeria, then someone this man had known long ago called him to attend the business meeting with the business men, this is a true life story! That meeting transformed this man's life. He was not a rich man, but over night became a billionaire. That's God's favor, such kind of people is used by God to move his kingdom, and they are usually a blessing to their church. He said the secret to his success is that he paid his tithes. He said he was a nobody but that God picked him from the ground and made him a somebody! From one contract to the other it kept coming in millions, hundreds of millions, and now he is a billionaire!

Another example is the Redemption Camp in Lagos, that's a great pride to God's kingdom. Redemption Camp is a city where close to 7 million people have gathered for worship, where a state governor couldn't use the road with all the sirens because of the traffic of people on the road, just for a night Virgil service! I mean wont such a governor respect Christianity? When Redemption camp was to be built, they ordered for metal trusses from China to sit 1 million people, the China people didn't believe them, they said it wasn't possible, because before then and even now there is no place in the whole world where 1 million people can sit at a time. The largest stadium in the world can seat only 120,000 people. You know the Chinese builders had to first visit the site before they believed and before the supplied. Now tell me if you tell that Chinese supplier that Jesus is Lord, even if he won't serve Him, he will agree with you, because there is nowhere in the whole world where you can find such kind of congregation.

How will you feel as a Christian if the largest church in Nigeria is just one plot of land? Would we have a say?

Look at Canaan land for instance I learnt from the senior pastor that they use over 12million naira for purchase of diesel to fuel the generators there, a 24hours electricity supply. Isn't that a pride to God's kingdom? Yes it is because they have impact and largess!

Do you realize that there are some religions in this nation that the reason we don't know them is because they have nothing, they are located in one small building somewhere where no one knows them.

We must be set for greatness, we must be set for expansion, and we must be set for undeniable impact. If not prosperity gospel in Nigeria, the body of Christ would have been silenced. There was a time when I was growing up that this proverb was vibrant- "as poor as a church rat" but as we entered into the 90's the proverb failed because even the rats in the church now might be richer that your neighbor, alleluia!

But one fact is this, the Redeem Christian Church of God will not help Global Impact to develop, it's not their ministry. Winners chapel as great as they are will not make Global Impact, all they can do is to encourage us, all they can do is to inspire us, but if Global Impact ministries must find her own destiny, (if you must emerge amongst the league of mega ministries) it's not by chance, it happens by schooling people, by raising people through the anointing of God and the word of God.

You see if the only people that have money are the wicked people, the righteous people will suffer, and people generally will suffer. There's nothing as good like money being in the hands of a right person, people will be blessed, families will be happier and the ministry of God will be blessed.

The Keys to Business and Career Breakthrough


Many people are just complacent; you made do of scrump that comes from the table, just something small. You are not desperate. The desperation here is not trying to get money by force. The desperation here is to fulfill and maximize your potential.

For instance if someone is sponsoring terrorism, can he sponsor the kingdom of God? What will you do to benefit this life? Those are the things I ask myself and it drives me, what men can do, men can even do better. If I am blessed to be a blessing, then I want to see it work. I don't want to just tap theories. I don't want to leave this life without a mark!

Oh, somebody is very rich; somebody is very great because the used "juju" to make money to be great, then you use the covenant, that's my own drive. Are you saying that "juju" is stronger than God? Oh the guys stole to get money, the guy killed to get money, fine- you can't do any of these, but you can use your covenant.

Are you saying God is helpless even when you have seen many people that God has helped both scriptural and even living examples? That should drive you that I won't kill, I won't steal but I will prove that God is God of overflow. I want my life to proof it- that is hunger!

I am saying this because if you are not hungry, Satan will use it, you know Satan is SATAN. When the Israelite were leaving Egypt in the Old Testament, Pharaoh first said, he won't let them go, when he saw that the warfare was intense, he said go but don't go very far!

Satan will negotiate your breakthrough and if you don't understand this principle of hunger you will settle for good when great is available.

Later Pharaoh said "go, but leave your children", but Moses said- "no, let all my people go"

Hunger will not allow you to rest until you have attained what you see in the spirit.

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