Second Law of Favor: Packaging

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By Yemi Davids

Written By Charles Oluyori

I believe you can experience accelerated progress. Accelerated progress is a function of favor; it takes favor to achieve greatness.

Today, we will drive deeper on our teachings of the laws of favor

“One day of favor is worth a thousand of labor”

Our discuss will help us to grow in favor.

Looking at my life today I can see God’s favor at work. The measure of success and progress we have enjoyed is a function of God’s favor.

God opened the hearts of wonderful mentors to us; their training and teachings really gave us speed. What if I never met them, what if their hearts were not opened to us? But somewhere along the line you will need someone to take you to the next level.

I’m not talking about trusting people or manipulating people or bribing people. I am talking about someone whose heart God will open and their response to you in many forms can change your story forever.

We can look at the story of Joseph in the scripture; the day he stepped before Pharaoh the great king of Egypt; yes he interpreted the dream and gave solution to national problem but Pharaoh could have picked the solution and gave him freedom and maybe some material gifts.

But favor did more, favor opened wide the heart of Pharaoh and the rest is history.

Things can change for you right now, this season. This struggling and running helter- skelter is enough.

I want to believe that favor will bail you out this season; it can change your story forever.

Last edition we started discussing the various laws of favor, that is; we talked about the law of faith, and we talked about you asking for favor. Ask and it shall be given to you.

And every day before you step out it is important that you ask God to give you favor concerning your business, concerning your career, concerning your project. Whatever you are involved with, ask and it shall be given to you.

Then we talked about speaking favor, you’ve got to give voice to your faith. If you must have favor then you’ve got to declare it. Speak favor to your children, speak favor over your business, speak favor over your family, and speak favor on all that concerns you.

What you say, you will get, and your confession remains your possession. The words of today are the harvests of tomorrow!

There is this story about a prophet in the Old Testament called Samuel, when God told him to get to the house of Jesse so as to anoint a new king for Israel, this great prophet saw the elder brother of David, looking at his wonderful height and stature he swiftly believed that, he was the king but God corrected him and said, He looks at the heart but man looks at the outward appearance.

I use to interpret that scripture partially thinking only the heart matters when it comes to success but that is not complete, I began to see that God has given us insight into how man can be reached.

God said He looks at the heart-that is wonderful! That is the foundation for a lasting success, a good heart, a perfect heart but God also said that man looks at the outward appearance, that for me was a revolution.

If you have a good heart you will please God but to reach out to man, you must combine your good heart with excellent packaging.

That is the key to business and career exploit.

“Beauty attracts, disorder repeals”

You have to learn to create a beautiful environment of you must generate favor. Man looks on the outward appearance.

You will need to invest in the appearance of all that concerns you, that starts with you!

How to Achieve Excellent Packaging

We cannot be disorderly and expect God’s favor to flow. When I see the state of your wardrobe I can tell the state of your business.

Learn to be orderly; you can’t achieve excellent packaging from the outside if you don’t achieve it first from the inside.

When I check that your new office or even your shop I can begin to predict the future of your business.

Remember that, “Beauty attracts, disorder repeals”

You generate currents of favor when your business environment is heavenly.

Always remember that man is moving towards heaven away from hell.

Anywhere that is heavenly you have man moving towards it. Anywhere that is looking like hell, man moves away from it.

It is either people are moving towards your business or away from it. The same goes for individual, nations, churches.

You short-change the answers to your prayers for favor when you are untidy. Make your business and your life heavenly.

We have often heard that the way you dress is the way you’ll be addressed. Package yourself well, package your reports well.

“Every job is the self-portrait of the doer of it”

Don’t do things shabbily; your job is a reflection of who you are.

“Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way”

Dressing well does not mean dressing swell. You don’t have to go borrow money or steal to dress well.

You can be neat and tidy where you are now, it’s an attitude!

It was Paul who told the Corinthians to do all things decently and in order.

Don’t do things shabbily, be organized, if you are the head of a firm enforce order. Make the business environment excellent. You might need to invest extra funds, it will yield great dividends.

As a pastor I’ve experienced the power of packaging and the profit thereof. Every time we have invested in the business of excellence of the church and the environment at our own level we have seen great increase.

Don’t wait to get the increase before you improve on the painting, the increase might never come. You invest in excellence first and then the increase will come.

Remember the acronym CANI, meaning Continuous And Never-ending Improvement!

If the paintings on your walls are fading renew it; areas where things are dilapidating, do the repairs.

Learn to maintain a consistent level of excellence; it will create currents of favor. Put these things into action immediately and you will see outward changes.

Thanks for reading today, I ask God to give you uncommon favor. As you step out today, God’s favor will come through for you. God is going to bless the labor of your hands. Your running helter-skelter will stop and you will start enjoying God’s own kind of favor.

We will like to hear from you. Call Lolu on 08033495772, you can also ask for our new book, Seven Laws of Favor.

Again, thanks for reading, have a wonderful week, have a favor-filled season.

You are blessed.

“I do not think much of a man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday” Abraham Lincoln.


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