Second Law of Favor: Packaging

Category: Global Impact Church

By Yemi Davids

Written By Charles Oluyori

I believe you can experience accelerated progress. Accelerated progress is a function of favor; it takes favor to achieve greatness.
Today, we will drive deeper on our teachings of the laws of favor
“One day of favor is worth a thousand of labor”
Our discuss will help us to grow in favor.

Great Prophets & Bible Leaders

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King Manasseh

Meaning of Manasseh- "One who causes to forget."

Reign from 55 years (697 - 642 B.C.)

It's hard to imagine that someone as righteous as Hezekiah could turn out a son as evil as Manasseh. The wicked monarch reigned longer than any other king in Israel's history - 55 years. 



Amon, King of Judah

Little is recorded in the Bible about Manasseh's son, Amon. It is not known if Manasseh had any other surviving sons because he had participated in human sacrifice, burning his children alive in rituals of the worship of Molech. (2 Chronicles 33:6) What is known is that Amon was 22 when he began his reign as Judah's 15th king, and he did evil as his father had done. Amon worshiped and sacrificed to all the idols that his father had served.

King Solomon

Solomon was born in 1000BC in Jerusalem the capital of Israel to King David and Bathsheba. He was also known as Jedidiah.

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According to the Book of Genesis, Esau was the fraternal twin brother of Jacob (whom God renamed Israel) - the patriarch and founder of the Israelites. 

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